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Umbrella Insurance in Pennsylvania

No matter how careful you are in life, accidents can happen at any time and to anyone. This is why it’s important to consider umbrella insurance in Pittsburgh, PA.

What Coverage Does Umbrella Insurance Give in Pennsylvania?

Umbrella insurance protects you from the potential financial blow of a lawsuit against you. It can pay for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the plaintiff’s court and legal fees, as well as your legal defense fees, which can often be a big expense. While your home or auto policy may have some liability coverage, often this is not enough in the event of a large judgment against you and often won’t cover legal fees. If you don’t have umbrella insurance then you are on the hook for the remaining amount, which can be a big financial setback.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do You Need in Pennsylvania?

If you are considering umbrella insurance in Pittsburgh, PA then it helps to know how much you should get based on your budget and needs. An agent at Affinity Insurance Partners can also help you determine this.

Many policies start at $1 million dollars and these are often good for most people that have a low risk of being sued. However, you may need more coverage. Consider how much you make currently and how much you are likely to make in the future since those who make more are more likely to get sued and your future earnings could be at risk without umbrella coverage. Consider how risky your lifestyle and property are to determine your risk of being sued. Do you have a dog or a pool? Do you have guests ride dirt bikes on your land? The higher likelihood of someone being injured at your property, the more coverage you should have. Without enough coverage, lawyers will go after current earnings, current assets, and future earnings to pay for the settlement. This includes retirement accounts, investments, your home, cars, and land.

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