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Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania

Flood insurance offers unique protection for your Pittsburgh, PA home and belongings against flood damage. The state of Pennsylvania is extremely prone to flooding due to its geographical location. With flood insurance from Affinity Insurance Partners, you can be prepared for this catastrophic disaster. Here’s how flood coverage works to protect your valuable investments.

Flood Coverage

Flood insurance offers two types of coverage: dwelling and contents.

Dwelling insurance covers your home’s structure, from its foundation and walls to flooring, wall to wall carpeting, cabinets, light fixtures, built-in appliances, and other built-in structures. You can purchase this coverage for up to $250,000. It doesn’t take more than a few inches of standing water to ruin a home’s structure. In the event of a flood, you’ll have the relief of knowing you have financial support to repair or rebuild your home.

Contents insurance protects your belongings. Your valuables are also at great risk of damage or loss in a flood. If you can’t imagine how you would replace your goods on your own after a flood disaster, you need the protection that flood insurance provides. Flood contents coverage can give you up to $100,000 worth of protection for your valuables.

Is Flood Coverage Really Necessary?

Taking into consideration the number of floods that have occurred in our country this past year, you would do well to seriously consider flood coverage. Floods don’t only occur in high-risk flood areas. They can occur almost anywhere, making the majority of homeowners at risk of this disaster.

Another factor to consider is that home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. So you can’t count on getting financial help from your home policy to compensate you for a flood loss.

Flood insurance is a smart investment for all homeowners in Pennsylvania, particularly those who live in high-risk flood areas.

To purchase a policy to protect your Pittsburgh, PA home, call or visit the insurance specialists at Affinity Insurance Partners today.

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