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How much life insurance is enough?

How much life insurance is enough is something that only you can determine based on your personal life and finances. Having an independent insurance agent who will work with you to get you the right life insurance at a price that you can afford is a must. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we believe in fostering a personal relationship with all of our clients. We need to know you to find the right products for you.

How old are you? That is the first determining factor when it comes to thinking about how much life insurance you need. The younger you are, the lower your risk of dying. You also have a lot fewer assets and less need for protection. While this is a general statement and you may be an exception, it is one of the things you need to consider.  

Who counts on your income? Are you supporting anyone other than yourself? If you have a significant other or a child, your need for life insurance is significantly higher than if you are single with no dependents. 

Who would be responsible for our final expenses if you should pass away? Are they in a position to pay for them if you don’t have life insurance to cover them? Do you have enough savings to cover any outstanding debt that you may have? If you don’t, then you need enough life insurance so that you don’t leave your loved ones holding the bag.

Life insurance is a safety net that provides for your loved ones and you need enough life insurance so that they are provided for as long as they have need of the help. Only you can determine what that figure is.

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA when you are ready to sit down and discuss your life insurance needs. 

Auto Insurance and Teen Drivers: What You Need to Know

It’s an exciting day when your teen passes their driving test and gets their driving license, but as a parent in Pittsburgh, PA, you also likely have concerns regarding your teen’s personal safety and the cost of auto insurance. Due to the fact that teens make up a large portion of auto accidents, insurance companies tend to charge more for coverage. If your teen will be getting behind the wheel before long, here are a few things Affinity Insurance Partners want you to know.

When Your Teen Should Be Added to the Insurance Policy

When it comes to adding your teen to your auto insurance policy, it may depend on your insurance company. Some companies will require you to add your teen as soon as their permit is issued, whereas other companies will allow you to wait until your teen has received their full license.

As a parent, you need to take into consideration the fact that if an accident occurs and a claim needs to be filed that the insurance company could potentially deny it. Therefore, speak to your insurance company about their policies ahead of time.

Anticipate Your Auto Premiums to Increase

Because teen drivers are considered a higher risk, you should expect your insurance premiums to increase. Make sure to compare the policies of a few different carriers to ensure you get the best price for the best coverage. Our team at Affinity Insurance Partners can determine your needs and provide you with a policy that offers the coverage needed for your teen and family.

Check Into Discounts

Since your premiums will rise when you add a teen to your policy, you’ll want to figure out a way to save money. Most insurance companies offer a variety of discounts that can help you save, such as good student discounts, driver safety courses, monitoring programs, and low mileage programs. Check with your insurer to see what discounts are available.

If your teenager is going to be driving soon, contact our team at Affinity Insurance Partners, serving Pittsburgh, PA, to ensure you move forward with the appropriate auto insurance coverage.

Required Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

There are two types of commercial coverage that are required of most businesses. If you don’t have these commercial insurance policies, you can face fines and fees as well as legal problems. It’s important to have these policies in place if they are required for your business. Give us a call at Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA.

Commercial Auto Coverage

That state of Pennsylvania requires that all vehicles that are owned by a business must be covered with a commercial auto policy. There are a number of types of coverage that you have to have in your policy, and each has its own required minimum amount. There is an amount required to pay for the medical bills of one person who gets into an accident that you were at fault for. There is another minimum amount that is required for everyone who is injured in that accident. The state also requires you to have a set minimum for property damage liability and another amount for medical benefits. All of these amounts are quite low when compared to other states, and they may not be enough to protect you in a serious accident. Though you have to have at least the minimum amount, you can add to the amount you have so that you’re better protected. 

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

This type of insurance coverage is there to pay for medical bills after someone you employee gets into an accident at work. The law in Pennsylvania makes it mandatory to have this insurance no matter how many employees you have. They can be part-time, full-time or even seasonal workers, and you are required to keep this coverage. This insurance protection keeps your company from having to come up with enough to pay medical bills if there is an accident. 

Get Your Commercial Policies

If your business is required to have one or both of these insurance types, call us at Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA.

What Actions Invalidate Your Home Insurance?

At Affinity Insurance Partners, our many customers often come to us with questions about their home insurance policies. The most common question that Pittsburgh, PA residents ask is, “what will invalidate my home insurance?” This question is vital to understand to ensure you get the best coverage. 

How You Can Accidentally Invalidate Your Policy 

Invalidating your policy essentially causes it to fail to cover problems that it would pay for in normal circumstances. These actions will force you to pay for various repairs and upgrades to your home rather than getting your policy to help. They include:

  • Not locking your property when you leave the home 
  • Pest problems that you don’t get repaired that then lead to severe damage 
  • Staying away from home longer than 30 days and experiencing problems during this time 
  • Getting home improvements that could compromise home safety, such as a doggy door
  • Renting out an extra room to a friend or family member
  • Trying to exaggerate how much the contents of your home costs you 
  • A surprise flood risk that you failed to take into account when buying your policy 

Anything you do that may threaten the integrity of your home or potentially damage it will invalidate your policy and cause it to fail to cover your repairs. You can also cause this problem if you try to upgrade your home yourself without a license and cause severe damage that requires professionals to fix it. Home insurance will not pay for things you did willingly to your house. 

Make Sure Your Policy Stays Valid 

If you still feel uncertain about this situation and want someone who can help explain it to you with ease, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at Affinity Insurance Partners to learn more about this topic. Our team serves the Pittsburgh, PA area and will do whatever they can to insure your home.

Tweaking Your Auto Insurance Policy to Make Sense for You

Is your car insurance policy not good enough for your needs? If so, we at Affinity Insurance Partners can help you adjust or tweak your policy to make it better. We serve Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding area and will do whatever we can to ensure that you are ultimately satisfied with your coverage.

Tweak Your Policy for More Protection

If you are unhappy with your car insurance, think about taking various steps to tweak your coverage. For example, you can add family members to your policy to make it more comprehensive. You can also take steps to expand your range, such as adding increased liability options and much more. In addition, other people will try to enhance their policy by taking steps, including how you can:

  • Add anti-theft devices to get a better insurance policy
  • Improve your credit by paying off debt 
  • Take defensive driving courses
  • Decrease your annual mileage usage 

These simple steps should make it easier for you to tweak your policy and find an option that makes sense for your needs. However, understand that you need to report these changes to your insurance company to get any benefits. In addition, they will need to work with you to find tweaks that make sense, such as finding deductibles or payment plans to create a higher level of comprehensive vehicle coverage.

Work With Us Today 

Do you want a better insurance policy and need someone you can trust to serve Pittsburgh, PA? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Affinity Insurance Partners to find a policy that makes sense for your needs as a driver. We strive to do what we can to help our many clients feel comfortable behind the wheel and protected from the potential dangers of the road around them.

3 Different Kinds of Valuable Articles Insurance in Pennsylvania

Valuable articles insurance can protect any item in your home or on your property that has value. It could include jewelry and watches, furs, firearms, musical instruments and equipment, cameras, and other high-value items. If you have these kinds of items in your home, you will want to think about how to insure them against any loss.

At Affinity Insurance Partners serving Pittsburgh, PA, we want your valuables to be protected from every possible scenario.

Standard Home Insurance

Homeowners that are looking to protect valuables inside their homes will wonder if their home insurance will be enough. Sometimes it is enough if your items aren’t valued for more than one or two thousand dollars. That is often the coverage limit if you are going with your standard home insurance.

When you have a property that has a value beyond what your contents coverage may offer, you can purchase additional insurance through a rider or a separate valuable articles policy.

Insurance Riders for Valuables

The most common way to have valuable articles insurance is to add insurance riders for your valuables. These are also called insurance floaters. This would be a personal articles floater that will increase the amount of your premium by a little monthly or annually. Some riders do not require a deductible amount.

Individual Valuable Articles Policy

You may not like the options that come with having riders or additional coverage on your home insurance. If that is the case, you can purchase a separate policy for your valuable items called a valuable articles policy.

Get a Quote

When you have valuables in your home or on your property that will exceed your home insurance coverages, you will have more peace of mind if you purchase valuable articles insurance. At Affinity Insurance Partners serving Pittsburgh, PA, we want you to feel secure with your most precious items. Call us today for a quote.

What protection does renters insurance provide

Pittsburgh is a city that has undergone a renaissance. It has a lot to offer, and people looking for rentals are aware of that, making it a popular place to call home. More than 52% of all housing units are rentals, but less than 45% have renters insurance. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we are locally owned and operated, and we believe in being there when our customers need us to answer questions and provide support.

As a renter, you may think that you have no reason to have renters insurance. Your landlord owns the building. They must have insurance. Hopefully, he does, but that is really irrelevant to you. Their insurance protects their building. It doesn’t cover anything you own. You will lose everything in your rental if it is damaged or destroyed. For many reasons, you should consider having renters insurance. 


You most likely own a lot more than you realize. Imagine having to replace it all at one time. Pretty overwhelming. You have options for the type of content coverage you choose. You can choose an actual value, which is less expensive, or a replacement cost. Actual cash value is the value today of something you may have purchased 5 years ago. If it is something you won’t replace, that is fine, but you will come up short if you want to replace it. 


Even though you don’t own the building, if someone is visiting you and is injured by you, a family member, or just an accident, you could be liable for their medical expenses, and they could decide to sue you.

Loss of use

If your rental is damaged, this coverage will help to pay for a place for you to stay while your home is uninhabitable. 

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA with all your rental insurance needs.

How Does Boat Insurance Protect Your Watercraft?

Affinity Insurance Partners is located in Pittsburgh, PA, and professionally serves the state of Pennsylvania. Our team of knowledgeable and qualified insurance experts offers exemplary insurance services to individuals, corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We create a customized solution for all your insurance needs, including boat and watercraft insurance.

Why You Need Boat Insurance For Your Watercraft

Pennsylvania state law requires you to carry valid insurance for your watercraft at all times, so you need to make sure it’s always up to date.

A few things that boat insurance will keep you protected from while in the water or at the dock include: 

  • Fire damage, which can be caused by several things, including a damaged engine, arson, or leakage of flammable material on your boat like fuel that somehow gets ignited.

  • Vandalism to your craft while it is docked, which is unpredictable and difficult to stop.

  • Theft if your boat gets stolen.

  • Damage to your watercraft caused by another craft whose owner doesn’t have insurance or one whose cover is insufficient to cover the repair costs.

  • Winter storm damage, which happens during the off-season and may lead to serious damage to your watercraft.

  • Legal fee expenditure, which may arise from your boat causing damage to another boat or people’s property.

  • Personal injuries that you or passengers on your boat may experience during an accident on the water.

Call Affinity Insurance Partners Today for a Customized Cover

If you are thinking about getting boat insurance, talk to our Pittsburgh, PA agents who will guide you on getting the right cover for your lifestyle, budget, and other needs. Visit our website today and find out what we can do for you.

Umbrella insurance FAQs

Few people know what umbrella insurance is, and even fewer understand it. If you are confused about your umbrella insurance benefits, don’t worry, you are not alone. Picture an umbrella and think of yourself as your assets. The umbrella protects you from rain and your assets from danger. It is as simple as that. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we are a team of highly qualified insurance experts who believe in creating a lasting relationship with our clients. 

Can I buy umbrella insurance if I don’t have any other insurance?

No, umbrella insurance is not a stand-alone product. It adds additional liability coverage to a base policy you already have. To have excess liability coverage, you must have liability coverage. 

Do I need to get my umbrella insurance from the same carrier as my base policy?

No, you can shop around for your umbrella insurance. It can be from the carrier that offers you the best deal. But check with your original carrier first to see if they offer a multi-policy discount. 

Do you have to be rich to need umbrella insurance?

Not at all. Everyone who has any assets can benefit from the protection that umbrella insurance provides. It is an easy and inexpensive way to get the level of protection that makes sense to you. You have worked hard to buy a home and to have some savings, and if you are sued, the judgment could easily go beyond the limits of your base policy and put your assets in danger. 

How much umbrella insurance should I have?

To determine how much umbrella insurance you need, consider the value of your assets. Then look at the coverage in your base policy. Consider the amount a judgment against you or medical expenses could rise to, and then choose the amount of protection you need.  

For all your umbrella insurance needs, contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Recently Changed Jobs? Make Sure You Have Enough Life Insurance

If you’re like a lot of Pittsburgh, PA residents right now, you might be in the middle of a job change. At Affinity Insurance Partners, we want to make sure you have the right life insurance coverage for your needs, even if your situation is evolving. Here’s what you need to know.

Do You Need to Buy Life Insurance After Changing Jobs?

We can all agree that an occupation change is a big deal. But if you’ve only ever had life insurance paid for by your Pittsburgh, PA employer, you might not realize that that coverage ends on your last day of work.

As you transition to a new employer, the benefits might not be the same, or they could potentially not offer this type of coverage. Some even require you to be on the job for a set period of time before you’re eligible for life insurance.

This is why it is crucial to have a conversation with your trusted life insurance agency any time there’s a big change in your lifestyle. They will help you determine if you need to purchase a policy outside of work and its benefits.

Even Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

It isn’t just the primary breadwinner who needs life insurance coverage. If you’ve recently changed occupations, the income level for your entire household has changed. This means that it is more important than ever for the stay-at-home parent or spouse to have coverage, as well. Your partner contributes quite a bit to your family and trying to replace their duties. At the same time, your work would certainly be difficult without a bit of extra financial assistance provided by a life insurance policy.

Ready to protect your family with adequate life insurance coverage? Please contact our team at Affinity Insurance Partners today to schedule an appointment.

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