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Affinity Insurance Partners

1000 Noble Energy Drive
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Umbrella insurance FAQs

Few people know what umbrella insurance is, and even fewer understand it. If you are confused about your umbrella insurance benefits, don’t worry, you are not alone. Picture an umbrella and think of yourself as your assets. The umbrella protects you from rain and your assets from danger. It is as simple as that. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we are a team of highly qualified insurance experts who believe in creating a lasting relationship with our clients. 

Can I buy umbrella insurance if I don’t have any other insurance?

No, umbrella insurance is not a stand-alone product. It adds additional liability coverage to a base policy you already have. To have excess liability coverage, you must have liability coverage. 

Do I need to get my umbrella insurance from the same carrier as my base policy?

No, you can shop around for your umbrella insurance. It can be from the carrier that offers you the best deal. But check with your original carrier first to see if they offer a multi-policy discount. 

Do you have to be rich to need umbrella insurance?

Not at all. Everyone who has any assets can benefit from the protection that umbrella insurance provides. It is an easy and inexpensive way to get the level of protection that makes sense to you. You have worked hard to buy a home and to have some savings, and if you are sued, the judgment could easily go beyond the limits of your base policy and put your assets in danger. 

How much umbrella insurance should I have?

To determine how much umbrella insurance you need, consider the value of your assets. Then look at the coverage in your base policy. Consider the amount a judgment against you or medical expenses could rise to, and then choose the amount of protection you need.  

For all your umbrella insurance needs, contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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