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What Actions Invalidate Your Home Insurance?

At Affinity Insurance Partners, our many customers often come to us with questions about their home insurance policies. The most common question that Pittsburgh, PA residents ask is, “what will invalidate my home insurance?” This question is vital to understand to ensure you get the best coverage. 

How You Can Accidentally Invalidate Your Policy 

Invalidating your policy essentially causes it to fail to cover problems that it would pay for in normal circumstances. These actions will force you to pay for various repairs and upgrades to your home rather than getting your policy to help. They include:

  • Not locking your property when you leave the home 
  • Pest problems that you don’t get repaired that then lead to severe damage 
  • Staying away from home longer than 30 days and experiencing problems during this time 
  • Getting home improvements that could compromise home safety, such as a doggy door
  • Renting out an extra room to a friend or family member
  • Trying to exaggerate how much the contents of your home costs you 
  • A surprise flood risk that you failed to take into account when buying your policy 

Anything you do that may threaten the integrity of your home or potentially damage it will invalidate your policy and cause it to fail to cover your repairs. You can also cause this problem if you try to upgrade your home yourself without a license and cause severe damage that requires professionals to fix it. Home insurance will not pay for things you did willingly to your house. 

Make Sure Your Policy Stays Valid 

If you still feel uncertain about this situation and want someone who can help explain it to you with ease, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at Affinity Insurance Partners to learn more about this topic. Our team serves the Pittsburgh, PA area and will do whatever they can to insure your home.

What is home insurance?

The term standard homeowner’s policy applies to a home insurance policy’s typical contents, but you should not purchase a standard policy. It would help if you met with an insurance agent from Affinity Insurance Partners to discuss your Pittsburgh, PA home, recreational equipment, business practices, family situation, and expansion plans. Each of these aspects of your home life influences the insurance coverage you require.

Every homeowner should purchase a custom homeowners insurance policy. A home policy consists of liability, structural protections, and personal property insurance at a minimum. You could need to add to that, though, if you have a shed, workshop, separate office building, greenhouse, mother-in-law apartment, etc. The liability covers you if someone incurs an injury on your property, so you do not have to pay their medical bills out-of-pocket. The structural protections reimburse you for repairs or rebuilding if a named peril damages your home. Named peril refers to human-made and natural hazards such as a tornado or fire. Personal property insurance reimburses you for damage to or loss of your personal property such as furniture, TV, computer, etc. This includes theft.

Liability covers your entire property, from the fence surrounding it to stairs to the attic. Still, the structural protections and personal property cover the house itself and attached structures unless you add to the policy.

If you built an addition as a mother-in-law apartment since it attaches to the existing home structurally, your homeowner’s insurance covers it. If you build a free-standing structure, you need to add other structures coverage to your policy.

If you run a home-based business, you need additional liability coverage. You also need to add to the personal property coverage because most policies only cover personal property up to about 10 to 20 percent of the home’s value. That probably will not cover your business equipment and computers.

If you participate in recreational activities like ATVs or go-carts, boating, own a pool, or trampoline, you need additional liability insurance. Those activities and equipment increase your accident risk.

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners serving the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area to learn how home insurance protects you and your family. We can help you create a custom policy that protects your home and property as well as those who live in it and visit it.

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