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Required Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

There are two types of commercial coverage that are required of most businesses. If you don’t have these commercial insurance policies, you can face fines and fees as well as legal problems. It’s important to have these policies in place if they are required for your business. Give us a call at Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA.

Commercial Auto Coverage

That state of Pennsylvania requires that all vehicles that are owned by a business must be covered with a commercial auto policy. There are a number of types of coverage that you have to have in your policy, and each has its own required minimum amount. There is an amount required to pay for the medical bills of one person who gets into an accident that you were at fault for. There is another minimum amount that is required for everyone who is injured in that accident. The state also requires you to have a set minimum for property damage liability and another amount for medical benefits. All of these amounts are quite low when compared to other states, and they may not be enough to protect you in a serious accident. Though you have to have at least the minimum amount, you can add to the amount you have so that you’re better protected. 

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

This type of insurance coverage is there to pay for medical bills after someone you employee gets into an accident at work. The law in Pennsylvania makes it mandatory to have this insurance no matter how many employees you have. They can be part-time, full-time or even seasonal workers, and you are required to keep this coverage. This insurance protection keeps your company from having to come up with enough to pay medical bills if there is an accident. 

Get Your Commercial Policies

If your business is required to have one or both of these insurance types, call us at Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA.

How commercial insurance protects your small business

Small businesses are an important part of the economy in Pennsylvania. Small businesses employ almost 50% of employees in the private sector. As a small business owner, you know how important your employees are, and protecting your business means they have a job and all of you have an income. Commercial insurance offers a variety of ways to protect your business. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we work with small business owners to create a commercial insurance policy that fits their business. 

Commercial property insurance

It doesn’t matter if you own the building that houses your business or whether you rent. Commercial property insurance provides valuable protection for your business. Bad things happen, and fire or theft is all too common. Having to pay for your business’s damage will be expensive, and insurance can help get things back to normal much quicker. It will repair the facility, replace lost business equipment, and allow you to get back up and running. 

Workers’ compensation

The law in Pennsylvania requires employers who have one or more employees to protect them from job injures with workers’ compensation insurance. They are covered while working in the state or outside the state if they have traveled to do business. 

Commercial liability insurance

Liability insurance protects your small business from legal action taken against you. It covers medical expenses from an injury incurred by a customer or client on your property or as a result of one of your products. It can be damaged from a service you perform as well. It also pays legal fees to defend your business. 

Commercial auto

If your business owns one or more vehicles, commercial auto insurance is something your business needs. 

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA for a no-obligation quote and get answers to any questions you have. 

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