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Auto Insurance and Teen Drivers: What You Need to Know

It’s an exciting day when your teen passes their driving test and gets their driving license, but as a parent in Pittsburgh, PA, you also likely have concerns regarding your teen’s personal safety and the cost of auto insurance. Due to the fact that teens make up a large portion of auto accidents, insurance companies tend to charge more for coverage. If your teen will be getting behind the wheel before long, here are a few things Affinity Insurance Partners want you to know.

When Your Teen Should Be Added to the Insurance Policy

When it comes to adding your teen to your auto insurance policy, it may depend on your insurance company. Some companies will require you to add your teen as soon as their permit is issued, whereas other companies will allow you to wait until your teen has received their full license.

As a parent, you need to take into consideration the fact that if an accident occurs and a claim needs to be filed that the insurance company could potentially deny it. Therefore, speak to your insurance company about their policies ahead of time.

Anticipate Your Auto Premiums to Increase

Because teen drivers are considered a higher risk, you should expect your insurance premiums to increase. Make sure to compare the policies of a few different carriers to ensure you get the best price for the best coverage. Our team at Affinity Insurance Partners can determine your needs and provide you with a policy that offers the coverage needed for your teen and family.

Check Into Discounts

Since your premiums will rise when you add a teen to your policy, you’ll want to figure out a way to save money. Most insurance companies offer a variety of discounts that can help you save, such as good student discounts, driver safety courses, monitoring programs, and low mileage programs. Check with your insurer to see what discounts are available.

If your teenager is going to be driving soon, contact our team at Affinity Insurance Partners, serving Pittsburgh, PA, to ensure you move forward with the appropriate auto insurance coverage.

Tweaking Your Auto Insurance Policy to Make Sense for You

Is your car insurance policy not good enough for your needs? If so, we at Affinity Insurance Partners can help you adjust or tweak your policy to make it better. We serve Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding area and will do whatever we can to ensure that you are ultimately satisfied with your coverage.

Tweak Your Policy for More Protection

If you are unhappy with your car insurance, think about taking various steps to tweak your coverage. For example, you can add family members to your policy to make it more comprehensive. You can also take steps to expand your range, such as adding increased liability options and much more. In addition, other people will try to enhance their policy by taking steps, including how you can:

  • Add anti-theft devices to get a better insurance policy
  • Improve your credit by paying off debt 
  • Take defensive driving courses
  • Decrease your annual mileage usage 

These simple steps should make it easier for you to tweak your policy and find an option that makes sense for your needs. However, understand that you need to report these changes to your insurance company to get any benefits. In addition, they will need to work with you to find tweaks that make sense, such as finding deductibles or payment plans to create a higher level of comprehensive vehicle coverage.

Work With Us Today 

Do you want a better insurance policy and need someone you can trust to serve Pittsburgh, PA? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Affinity Insurance Partners to find a policy that makes sense for your needs as a driver. We strive to do what we can to help our many clients feel comfortable behind the wheel and protected from the potential dangers of the road around them.

An Introduction to Auto Insurance

With so much to do and see in Pittsburgh, PA, you and your vehicle are put through many different situations and environments. Affinity Insurance Partners wants you to remain protected with insurance that can pay for any damages to your vehicle and help you with medical bills.

Auto insurance fills that need. While the state requires you to purchase liability and property damage coverage, you need much more than that to protect your vehicle and your financial health.

Auto insurance minimums only protect the other guy. Liability pays the medical bills of an individual injured due to your negligence or fault and any court settlement stemming from that accident. Property damage pays for the damages to their vehicle or to replace it.

What about your car or truck?

The coverage for your vehicle must meet state minimums. It consists of collision and comprehensive insurance. You might also add roadside assistance and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

  • Collision insurance pays out when your vehicle gets involved in a collision of any kind. It could be a collision with another vehicle, a mailbox, a fence, the garage door, etc. 
  • Comprehensive insurance pays out when your vehicle incurs damage from a named peril such as a tornado, hurricane, fire, hail, etc. It also covers vandalism.
  • The PIP policy component provides you medical coverage whether you get involved in a single-vehicle accident or the person at fault for the accident has no insurance. The PIP coverage pays your medical bills and for some types of rehabilitative care. Some policies also cover transportation to and from medical treatment.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage protects your vehicle when the person at fault for the accident has no insurance or too little insurance to cover the accident costs. This policy ensures you can repair your car or truck.
  • Roadside assistance covers your need for a tow truck, fuel if you run out of gas while on the road, emergency tire change, etc.

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners serving Pittsburgh, PA, today to obtain the full coverage policy you need. We’re here to help.

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