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Umbrella insurance FAQs

Few people know what umbrella insurance is, and even fewer understand it. If you are confused about your umbrella insurance benefits, don’t worry, you are not alone. Picture an umbrella and think of yourself as your assets. The umbrella protects you from rain and your assets from danger. It is as simple as that. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we are a team of highly qualified insurance experts who believe in creating a lasting relationship with our clients. 

Can I buy umbrella insurance if I don’t have any other insurance?

No, umbrella insurance is not a stand-alone product. It adds additional liability coverage to a base policy you already have. To have excess liability coverage, you must have liability coverage. 

Do I need to get my umbrella insurance from the same carrier as my base policy?

No, you can shop around for your umbrella insurance. It can be from the carrier that offers you the best deal. But check with your original carrier first to see if they offer a multi-policy discount. 

Do you have to be rich to need umbrella insurance?

Not at all. Everyone who has any assets can benefit from the protection that umbrella insurance provides. It is an easy and inexpensive way to get the level of protection that makes sense to you. You have worked hard to buy a home and to have some savings, and if you are sued, the judgment could easily go beyond the limits of your base policy and put your assets in danger. 

How much umbrella insurance should I have?

To determine how much umbrella insurance you need, consider the value of your assets. Then look at the coverage in your base policy. Consider the amount a judgment against you or medical expenses could rise to, and then choose the amount of protection you need.  

For all your umbrella insurance needs, contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Recently Changed Jobs? Make Sure You Have Enough Life Insurance

If you’re like a lot of Pittsburgh, PA residents right now, you might be in the middle of a job change. At Affinity Insurance Partners, we want to make sure you have the right life insurance coverage for your needs, even if your situation is evolving. Here’s what you need to know.

Do You Need to Buy Life Insurance After Changing Jobs?

We can all agree that an occupation change is a big deal. But if you’ve only ever had life insurance paid for by your Pittsburgh, PA employer, you might not realize that that coverage ends on your last day of work.

As you transition to a new employer, the benefits might not be the same, or they could potentially not offer this type of coverage. Some even require you to be on the job for a set period of time before you’re eligible for life insurance.

This is why it is crucial to have a conversation with your trusted life insurance agency any time there’s a big change in your lifestyle. They will help you determine if you need to purchase a policy outside of work and its benefits.

Even Stay-at-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

It isn’t just the primary breadwinner who needs life insurance coverage. If you’ve recently changed occupations, the income level for your entire household has changed. This means that it is more important than ever for the stay-at-home parent or spouse to have coverage, as well. Your partner contributes quite a bit to your family and trying to replace their duties. At the same time, your work would certainly be difficult without a bit of extra financial assistance provided by a life insurance policy.

Ready to protect your family with adequate life insurance coverage? Please contact our team at Affinity Insurance Partners today to schedule an appointment.

An Introduction to Auto Insurance

With so much to do and see in Pittsburgh, PA, you and your vehicle are put through many different situations and environments. Affinity Insurance Partners wants you to remain protected with insurance that can pay for any damages to your vehicle and help you with medical bills.

Auto insurance fills that need. While the state requires you to purchase liability and property damage coverage, you need much more than that to protect your vehicle and your financial health.

Auto insurance minimums only protect the other guy. Liability pays the medical bills of an individual injured due to your negligence or fault and any court settlement stemming from that accident. Property damage pays for the damages to their vehicle or to replace it.

What about your car or truck?

The coverage for your vehicle must meet state minimums. It consists of collision and comprehensive insurance. You might also add roadside assistance and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

  • Collision insurance pays out when your vehicle gets involved in a collision of any kind. It could be a collision with another vehicle, a mailbox, a fence, the garage door, etc. 
  • Comprehensive insurance pays out when your vehicle incurs damage from a named peril such as a tornado, hurricane, fire, hail, etc. It also covers vandalism.
  • The PIP policy component provides you medical coverage whether you get involved in a single-vehicle accident or the person at fault for the accident has no insurance. The PIP coverage pays your medical bills and for some types of rehabilitative care. Some policies also cover transportation to and from medical treatment.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage protects your vehicle when the person at fault for the accident has no insurance or too little insurance to cover the accident costs. This policy ensures you can repair your car or truck.
  • Roadside assistance covers your need for a tow truck, fuel if you run out of gas while on the road, emergency tire change, etc.

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners serving Pittsburgh, PA, today to obtain the full coverage policy you need. We’re here to help.

How commercial insurance protects your small business

Small businesses are an important part of the economy in Pennsylvania. Small businesses employ almost 50% of employees in the private sector. As a small business owner, you know how important your employees are, and protecting your business means they have a job and all of you have an income. Commercial insurance offers a variety of ways to protect your business. At Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA, we work with small business owners to create a commercial insurance policy that fits their business. 

Commercial property insurance

It doesn’t matter if you own the building that houses your business or whether you rent. Commercial property insurance provides valuable protection for your business. Bad things happen, and fire or theft is all too common. Having to pay for your business’s damage will be expensive, and insurance can help get things back to normal much quicker. It will repair the facility, replace lost business equipment, and allow you to get back up and running. 

Workers’ compensation

The law in Pennsylvania requires employers who have one or more employees to protect them from job injures with workers’ compensation insurance. They are covered while working in the state or outside the state if they have traveled to do business. 

Commercial liability insurance

Liability insurance protects your small business from legal action taken against you. It covers medical expenses from an injury incurred by a customer or client on your property or as a result of one of your products. It can be damaged from a service you perform as well. It also pays legal fees to defend your business. 

Commercial auto

If your business owns one or more vehicles, commercial auto insurance is something your business needs. 

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners in Pittsburgh, PA for a no-obligation quote and get answers to any questions you have. 

What is home insurance?

The term standard homeowner’s policy applies to a home insurance policy’s typical contents, but you should not purchase a standard policy. It would help if you met with an insurance agent from Affinity Insurance Partners to discuss your Pittsburgh, PA home, recreational equipment, business practices, family situation, and expansion plans. Each of these aspects of your home life influences the insurance coverage you require.

Every homeowner should purchase a custom homeowners insurance policy. A home policy consists of liability, structural protections, and personal property insurance at a minimum. You could need to add to that, though, if you have a shed, workshop, separate office building, greenhouse, mother-in-law apartment, etc. The liability covers you if someone incurs an injury on your property, so you do not have to pay their medical bills out-of-pocket. The structural protections reimburse you for repairs or rebuilding if a named peril damages your home. Named peril refers to human-made and natural hazards such as a tornado or fire. Personal property insurance reimburses you for damage to or loss of your personal property such as furniture, TV, computer, etc. This includes theft.

Liability covers your entire property, from the fence surrounding it to stairs to the attic. Still, the structural protections and personal property cover the house itself and attached structures unless you add to the policy.

If you built an addition as a mother-in-law apartment since it attaches to the existing home structurally, your homeowner’s insurance covers it. If you build a free-standing structure, you need to add other structures coverage to your policy.

If you run a home-based business, you need additional liability coverage. You also need to add to the personal property coverage because most policies only cover personal property up to about 10 to 20 percent of the home’s value. That probably will not cover your business equipment and computers.

If you participate in recreational activities like ATVs or go-carts, boating, own a pool, or trampoline, you need additional liability insurance. Those activities and equipment increase your accident risk.

Contact Affinity Insurance Partners serving the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area to learn how home insurance protects you and your family. We can help you create a custom policy that protects your home and property as well as those who live in it and visit it.

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